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Gino Gancia’s and Tim Lee’s research on the effects of technology on jobs and employment discussed in the Telegraph


Professor Gino Gancia and Dr Sang Yoon (Tim) Lee were quoted in the The Telegraph article discussing findings of their study on the effect of technology on employment between 1982 and 2005 across 10 advanced economies. The article argues that while low-skilled women, as a group, were among the most exposed to the rise of robots, they seem to have adapted to the new conditions by shifting toward higher-skill jobs. The study stated: “Women tended to work in more routine jobs in the 1980s (such as desk secretaries and bank tellers), which potentially exposed them more to the threat of replacement by machines. But confronted by this threat, it seems that women in later years not only increased their education but also prepared themselves for jobs and/or tasks that were less negatively affected by the newer types of capital.” The findings may help to design and implement policies to help workers adapt as technological advancements continue to take over industries across the world.



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