School of Economics and Finance

New additional module in Islamic Finance for MSc students in the School of Economics and Finance

10 March 2014

The School of Economics and Finance has launched a new additional module: Introduction to Islamic Finance - Practice and Applications.  The module will be run by industry experts - Safdar Alam and David M. Eisenberg, and will provide students with a detailed introduction to the Islamic Finance industry and how it has developed as a subsector of mainstream global banking and finance.

Focus will be on the underlying principles and requirements originating from Islam with regards to investment and finance, and the application of these principles to modern banking and economics. Topics to be covered include investments, financing, bonds, funds, risk management and money markets, among others. The analysis will be based on actual models and products used in practice, to provide students with practical skills relevant to the workplace.

The School of Economics and Finance runs a number of additional support modules for postgraduate students, in addition to the MSc programme modules.  They are designed to provide further practical training and key technical skills to improve employability prospects and give our students a head start in the world of finance.