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School of Biological and Behavioural Sciences

Professor Andrea Benucci


Professor in Visual Neuroscience

Room Number: Fogg 2.21B
Twitter: @BenucciLab


In the Laboratory for Neural Circuits and Behavior we study the neural substrate of visual processing and vision-based decision making. To this end, we aim to define a research framework capable of linking neural architectures to the underlying computations. Our solution is to integrate experimental methods for all-optical dissection of neuronal circuits with large-scale dynamical network models based on artificial neural networks (aNNs). Computations in biological networks arise from connectivity principles among neurons, much like artificial neural networks perform computations. Thus aNNs represent an effective modeling framework for the unification of computational, algorithmic, and implementation levels of analysis.

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PSY721P - Basics of Biopsychology



Find here a complete list of publications.

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