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School of Biological and Behavioural Sciences

SBBS Thursday Seminars

All seminars take place on Thursdays 1pm - 2pm in Fogg Lecture theatre and online. All welcome.

Seminar coordinators: Dr Elisabetta Versace, Dr Isabel Palacios, Dr Vladimir Volkov, Dr Benjamin Stieglitz and Dr Chema Martin


Date Speaker Topic Location Host

6th Oct 2022

Vengamanaidu Modepalli (MBA Plymouth)

Biology - Molecular and cellular architecture of the larval sensory organ in the cnidarian Nematostella vectensis

Fogg LT and online

Alex de Mendoza

13th Oct 2022

Nicola Clayton, Cambridge University

Psychology - Animal behaviour and cognition, comparative psychology

Fogg LT and online

Maria Loconsole

20th Oct 2022

Pontus Skoglund, Francis Crick Institute Biochemistry - Ancient DNA
Fogg LT and online
Peter Thorpe

27th Oct 2022

Ed Turner, Cambridge University

Biology - Managing tropical agriculture for greater biodiversity

Fogg LT and online Tom Fayle

3rd Nov 2022

Kathleen Cullen, Johns Hopkins University Psychology - Neuroscience of movement and self-motion
Fogg LT and online
10th Nov 2022 Andrew Lin, University of Sheffield Biochemistry - Sparse coding for odour-specific memories through homeostatic plasticity

Fogg LT and online

Vladimir Volkov

17th Nov 2022

Volker Bruckert

Biology - Sediment carbon mineralization processes in fjord sediments of northern Greenland following recent ice recession

Fogg LT and online 
Ozge Eyice
24th Nov 2022 Tim Smith, Birkbeck University Psychology - naturalistic audiovisual cognition, how we perceive audiovisual media (e.g. TV, cinema, videogames), and how media shapes the developing brain

Fogg LT and online

Marek Pedziwiatr
1st Dec 2022 Patrick Moynihan, University of Birmingham Biochemistry - Mining the gut microbiome for enzymes cleaving mycobacterium cell walls Fogg LT and online

Vladimir Volkov
8th Dec 2022 Laura Ross, University of Ediburgh Biology - Genetics and evolution of unusual sex
Fogg LT and online
Yannick Wurm
15th Dec 2022 Petr Klimeš, Czech Academy of Sciences  Biology - Tropical canopy ant community changes along environmental gradients Fogg LT and online TBC

26th Jan 2023

Charles Spence, Oxford University Psychology - Applied cognitive psychology, Consumer psychology, Sensory marketing, Multisensory perception
Fogg LT and online
Elisabetta Versace
2nd Feb 2023 Maxim Molodtsov, UCL/Francis Crick Institute Biochemistry - Molecular mechanics of the cytoskeleton and genome rearrangements Fogg LT and online Vladimir Volkov

9th Feb 2023

Margarida Cardoso Moreira, Francis Crick Institute Biology - Origins and evolution of vertebrate organs
Fogg LT and online
Chema Martin
16th Feb 2023 Susan Healy, University of St Andrews Psychology - Behavioural and Neural Sciences; Social Learning & Cognitive Evolution Fogg LT and online Elisabetta Versace
23rd Feb 2023 Tony Kouzarides, Cambridge University Biochemistry - Targeting RNA modifications in cancer Fogg LT and online Isabel Palacios and Paul Hurd
2nd March 2023 TBC Biology - TBC Fogg LT and online TBC
9th March 2023 Tim Davies, Durham University Biochemistry - Cytokinesis and cell identity in the C. elegans embryo Fogg LT and online Vladimir Volkov
16th March 2023 Anna Franklin, University of Sussex Psychology - human perception in cognitive psychology, developmental science and neuroscience Fogg LT and online TBC
23rd March 2023 Tevfik Dorak, Kingston University London Biology - Genetic epidemiology through the lens of the environment Fogg LT and online Ozge Eyice
30th March Dora Angelaki, Tandon School of Engineering - New York University. Psychology - Circuitry and Models of Navigation and Multi-Sensory Integration Fogg LT and online TBC
6th Apr 2023 TBC Biochemistry - TBC Fogg LT and online TBC
13th Apr 2023 Stephen Montgomery, University of Bristol Biology - Evolution of Brains and Behaviour Fogg LT and online Vicencio Oostra
11th May 2023 Jeyaprakash Arulanandam (aka JP), Wellcome Centre for Cell Biology Biochemistry - Structural biology of cell division Fogg LT and online  Viji Draviam


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