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School of Biological and Behavioural Sciences

Genomics facility

We provide expertise and services in the isolation, manipulation and analysis of ultra-high molecular weight (uHMW) DNA that range from 150kb to over 2Mb. Obtaining ultra-large DNA molecules is essential for exploiting third generation long-read sequencing technologies, and for generating high quality genome assemblies.

At Queen Mary, we have expertise in working with a wide range of tissue types from diverse organisms, from trees and insects to bacteria and mammals. Please contact us using the details below to discuss your project requirements.

Bionano Saphyr genome mapping system


The Saphyr (Bionano Genomics) enables rapid, high-throughput optical mapping for long-range genomic scaffolding.

This platform can be used to maximise de novo assembly, and has additional applications in the detection of large genomic structural variations, as well as gap sizing, haplotype phasing, and the quantification of repeats.

Oxford Nanopore PromethION sequencer

Oxford Nanopore

The PromethION (Oxford Nanopore Technologies) provides real-time, cost-effective high-throughput long-read DNA and RNA sequencing. It is capable of running up to 24 flow cells simultaneously, with output of 220 Gb per cell. As such, the PromethION is ideal for large-scale genome sequencing projects.

Additional applications include direct detection of DNA and RNA base modifications (epigenetics), full-length RNA sequencing and isoform discovery, metagenomics, haplotype phasing and targeted sequencing.

Mosquito HV nanolitre liquid handler 

Mosquito HTS nanolitre liquid handler

The Mosquito HV (TTP Labtech) is a nanolitre liquid handler that allows high-throughput, precise and ultra-fast multichannel pipetting in the 500 nL - 5 µL range.

The Mosquito HV is ideally suited to low input sequencing protocols, and, by enabling assay miniaturisation, it provides a cost effective solution to large-scale genomics projects.

The platform supports a range of plate formats (96-wells, 384-wells and 1,536-wells).

Agilent Tapestation and Bioanalyser

Agilent Tapestation and Bioanalyser

The Bioanalyser and Tapestation (Agilent) are the gold-standard solutions for DNA and RNA quality checks (QC) in next-generation sequencing protocols.

Capable of analysing size, quantity, and integrity of the samples in low (Bioanalyser) and high (Tapestation) throughputs, the Agilent QC systems are based on automated electrophoresis and require low sample volumes (1-2 µL).

Blue Pippin Fractionator and Covaris Ultrasonicator

Blue Pippin Fractionator and Covaris Ultrasonicator

The BluePippin (Sage Science) allows DNA size selection in the range of 100bp to 50 kb for next generation sequencing protocols. Fully automated and software-controlled, the BluePippin is essential for long-range genomic applications, removing the possibility of sample cross-contamination in size-selection procedures.

The M220 (Covaris) is the standard focused-ultrasonicator for DNA Shearing in next generation sequencing and chromatin immunoprecipitation protocols. The M220 produces highly reproducible fragment sizes in the range from 150 bp to 5,000 bp.

Qubit 4 fluorimeter and NanoDrop One spectrophotometer

Qubit 4 fluorimeter and NanoDrop One spectrophotometer

The Qubit 4 fluorometer (Thermo Fisher Scientific) allows fast and sensitive quantification of DNA, RNA, and protein samples.

The Nanodrop One (Thermo Fisher Scientific) is a UV-spectrophotometer that allows quantification of DNA, RNA and protein samples employing only 1-2 µL and with little sample manipulation. With a wide dynamic range, the Nanodrop One is the most effective solution for quick sample quantification before downstream applications that do not require extremely accurate measurements.



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