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School of Biological and Behavioural Sciences

Society Spotlight: QMUL Biomedical Society

We caught up with Co-presidents of the QMUL Biomedical Society, Ahana and Kajetha, to learn more about the benefit of joining the society as well as the events they have planned for this academic year.


How has Biomedical Society impacted your time at QMUL?

Being a member of the Biomedics’ Society has given us the chance to interact with our peers and learn tips that have helped us throughout our studies. As committee members, we are able hone our skills in leadership and teamwork.  Being part of the society has allowed us meet so many great people!

What is the favourite part about your degree?

The researching and reading. I love being in labs, completing experiments and discovering the accomplishments in the Biomedical sciences community. 

The lectures, we have so many passionate and inspiring lecturers here at the School of Biological and Behavioural Sciences!

What events do you have this term?

We hosted a successful Games Night (Monday 23rd October), which allowed members to make new friends and get away from their academic studies! We have an upcoming essay writing workshop, led by an academic from Queen Mary, to allow students to understand feedback they have received during their formative essays and mocks. The date for this will be announced on our Instagram page @qmulbiomedsoc very soon!!

Why should other students get involved?

Being a member of the Society allows you to gain invaluable skills. By attending the various workshops and seminars that we organise you can expect to learn about a range of topics from career-related to life at university. Biomedics' society provides ample opportunities for making connections and peer support between members completing the same or similar degrees.

The range of social events allows you to really take a break from academic work and relax! By joining the society, you can participate in activities that help you diversify your skill set, gain industry insights, and help build a legacy for the first and second years to follow. We will have events and workshops that will help you build confidence and transition into the professional world, as well as provide a work-life balance and stress relief to uplift morale through our well-curated socials with friends. This is so important for third years when thinking about their next steps after University!



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