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article News story: Can a strong local community improve your health?
11 October 2012

Dr Vicky Cattell examines the link between local community life and wellbeing

article News story: Better treatment for tendon injuries
3 August 2012

Using electric shockwaves for effective treatment of severe tendon injuries   

article News story: Nanotechnology opens up new ways to harvest energy
27 July 2012

Developing new materials to transform waste heat into useful electrical energy

article News story: The power of sound to generate electricity
24 July 2012

Creating ‘nano-generators’ that transform sound into power

article News story: Bayesian network modelling supports surgeons working with trauma
4 July 2012

Computer scientists improve decision-making in the treatment of trauma 

article News story: Allowing databases to grow and evolve without compromising performance
4 July 2012

Dr Mark Walters worked with IBM to improve the performance of large databases

article News story: Searching for cures for dementia
18 May 2012

Dr Bronwyn Parry is fascinated by what motivates people to donate their brains for much-needed research into dementia

article News story: Cementing the future
19 April 2012

Niall Kent is investigating the use of bioactive glasses in medical bone-substitute cements

article News story: A new script for prisons
16 April 2012

Dr Caoimhe McAvinchey explores how theatre makers stage critical questions about the prison system

article News story: Carrot or stick: using incentives in healthcare
13 March 2012

Professor Richard Ashcroft explores the pros and cons of using incentives to encourage good health

article News story: Emotional literacy: whose business is it?
13 March 2012

Dr Thomas Dixon looks at the part emotion plays in UK education

article News story: What does it mean to be English?
13 March 2012

Professor Michael Kenny is examining the political and policy implications of a resurgence of English national identity


article News story: Centre for Mind in Society: Early Career Researcher grants for public events
23 March 2018

The Centre for Mind in Society has an exciting opportunity for early career researchers to apply for up to £2,500 of funding to run creative and engaging public events, public debates, or workshops.

article News story: Tuberculosis awareness animation launched for World TB Day
23 March 2018

A new health promotion tool has been launched to inform people about latent tuberculosis (TB) and engage migrant communities with local NHS testing and treatment.

article News story: New drug reduces progression of disability in multiple sclerosis
23 March 2018

A new drug is the first to slow the progression of disability in secondary progressive multiple sclerosis – a severe form of the disease for which there is currently no treatment to prevent progression.

article News story: Dinosaur frills and horns did not evolve for species recognition
21 March 2018

The elaborate frills and horns of a group of dinosaurs including Triceratops and Styracosaurus did not evolve to help species recognise each other, according to researchers at Queen Mary University of London. 

article News story: Risk of maternal death doubled in pregnant women with anaemia
21 March 2018

Pregnant women with anaemia are twice as likely to die during or shortly after pregnancy compared to those without the condition, according to a major international study led by Queen Mary University of London of over 300,000 women across 29 countries.

article News story: Half of Brazilian women living in London have experienced gender-based violence
15 March 2018

Four in every five Brazilian women living in London have experienced Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG) in their lifetime, with half of them experiencing some form of gender-based violence in London, reveals new research from the People’s Palace Projects, based at Queen Mary University of London, and King’s College London.

article News story: Weak hand grip could be sign of a failing heart
14 March 2018

Hand grip strength could be used as a simple measure of heart health, according to new research led by scientists at Queen Mary University of London.

article News story: Queen Mary academic wins prestigious translation prize
13 March 2018

A translation of 120 Days of Sodom from the original French text to English by a Queen Mary University of London academic has been recognised by the UK’s Society of Authors.

article News story: Mandatory health warnings needed on Chinese takeaways and ready meals
13 March 2018

A new survey by Action on Salt, based at Queen Mary University of London, has exposed the alarming amounts of salt found in both Chinese takeaways and Chinese ready meals sold by some of the UK’s biggest supermarkets.

article News story: One in ten stroke survivors need more help with taking medication
12 March 2018

Over a half of stroke patients require a degree of help with taking medicine and a sizeable minority say they do not receive as much assistance as they need, according a study by researchers at Queen Mary University of London and University of Cambridge.

article News story: Queen Mary student takes her research to Parliament
12 March 2018

A PhD student from Queen Mary University of London presented her research to the Houses of Parliament as part of a Parliamentary poster competition.

article News story: Celebrating International Women's Day: Widening Participation visits the Votes for Women exhibition
9 March 2018

To celebrate International Women’s Day, the Widening Participation team invited a group of female students and graduates to visit the Votes for Women exhibition at the Museum of London, and discuss what it is like to be women in higher education today. Michelle McAvoy reflects on the visit. 

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