Research news

article News story: Scientists discover protective Alzheimer’s gene and develop rapid drug-testing platform
10 July 2020

A gene has been discovered that can naturally suppress the signs of Alzheimer’s Disease in human brain cells, in research led by Queen Mary University of London. The scientists have also developed a new rapid drug-screening system for treatments that could potentially delay or prevent the disease.

article News story: Coronavirus recovery – lessons from the eurozone crisis
9 July 2020

Dr Stella Ladi, Senior Lecturer in Public Management in Queen Mary's School of Business and Management has written an opinion piece for The Conversation in which she discusses coronavirus recovery and the lessons that can be learnt from the eurozone crisis.

article News story: New report sheds light on the impact of Covid-19 on gender and sustainability
8 July 2020

An academic from Queen Mary University of London has contributed to a major report from the United Nations which explores the impact of the current Covid-19 pandemic on gender equality.

article News story: School students showcase physics research at virtual ‘Cosmic Con’
7 July 2020

On Saturday 4 July, pupils from schools across London presented their work on Queen Mary University of London research projects at the annual ‘Cosmic Con’ conference.

article News story: Call for access to oxygen and medicines to help combat COVID-19 in the Amazon
7 July 2020

Dr Doreen Montag is Lecturer in Global Public Health at Queen Mary University of London, and has almost 20 years of experience among indigenous and non-indigenous people in rural and urban areas of the Peruvian Andes and Amazon. In this article, originally published in Spanish on Lamula, she discusses the immense challenges faced by indigenous communities in the Peruvian Amazon in tackling the COVID-19 pandemic.

article News story: New research reveals privacy risks of Home Security Cameras
6 July 2020

An international study, involving researchers from Queen Mary University of London and the Chinese Academy of Science, has used data from a major home Internet Protocol (IP) security camera provider to evaluate potential privacy risks for users.

article News story: Tourists are less sensitive to higher prices in more crowded destinations, according to new study
6 July 2020

A new study from Queen Mary University of London has shown that chronic and temporary crowding experiences lead to tourists being less sensitive to higher prices. The findings also show that marketing and promotional discounts are less effective in areas with more crowding.

article News story: Covid-19 lockdowns could lead to social unrest, according to new research
3 July 2020

An academic from Queen Mary University of London has published a research paper which explores the impact of lockdowns in response to Covid-19 in Africa.

article News story: Thomas Piketty on Capital and Ideology
3 July 2020

The Institute for the Humanities and Social Sciences at Queen Mary University of London has held its Annual Symposium which was given by bestselling author and economist, Professor Thomas Piketty.

article News story: Queen Mary staff keep up the volunteering during pandemic
2 July 2020

We caught up with staff from across the University to hear more about their different volunteering efforts over the last few months, from leading Queen Mary initiatives, to helping their local communities, to joining national volunteering drives.

article News story: New Associate Principal joins Queen Mary to lead online learning development
1 July 2020

Queen Mary University of London has today (Wednesday 1 July 2020) been joined by Gideon Shimshon in the newly created role of Associate Principal Digital Learning and Director of QM Online. In this new role, he will lead the development of ‘QM Online’ – an initiative that will dramatically increase opportunities for students to enjoy a Queen Mary education in new ways through digital learning.

article News story: Digital Public Lecture Series: Covid-19's severity and the chance to reset
1 July 2020

In the latest Digital Public Lecture Series three experts from Queen Mary continued their discussion on the impact of Covid-19 and highlighted how we assess its severity and if this opportunity to reset society will be seized or will pass us by.