Research news

article News story: Rock n roll biologist’s new music video exposes Gwyneth Paltrow’s alternative ‘health treatments’
22 January 2020

Rock n roll biologist Professor Lars Chittka has released a new music video which takes aim at the alternative ‘health treatments’ of Gwyneth Paltrow. 

article News story: Exploring the future of the Labour Party at the Mile End Institute
21 January 2020

In the run-up to the Labour leadership election, Queen Mary University of London’s Mile End Institute organised a one-day conference on the future of the party. The event attracted a diverse range of politicians, journalists and activists.

article News story: Call for ‘ready to drink’ alcoholic beverages to be reduced in sugar and calories
21 January 2020

Popular ‘ready to drink’ pre-mixed spirits sold in major UK retailers are unnecessarily high in hidden sugar and calories[1] and should be forced to reformulate immediately to the agreed criterion set by government in the Soft Drinks Industry Levy (SDIL) or pay the fine[2] – according to a NEW product survey by Action on Sugar at Queen Mary University of London to mark Sugar Awareness Week (20th-26th January 2020).

article News story: Political misinformation found to be related to support for right-wing populism in Europe
17 January 2020

A study led by Queen Mary University of London has shown that supporters of right-wing populist parties are prone to showing higher levels of political misinformation.

article News story: Psychology program for refugee children improves wellbeing
17 January 2020

A positive psychology program created by researchers at Queen Mary University of London focuses on promoting wellbeing in refugee children. It is unusual in that it focuses on promoting positive outcomes, rather than addressing war trauma exposure.

article News story: Queen Mary opens Organs-on-Chips Centre for advancements in medical research and drug development
16 January 2020

A new research centre which aims to revolutionise medical research and drug development using microengineered Organs-on-Chips has opened at Queen Mary University of London.

article News story: Queen Mary Dentistry Professor finds a low-cost, non-intrusive solution to save children’s teeth
16 January 2020

A study led by Queen Mary’s Professor of Dental Public Health, Professor Cynthia Pine, has identified a low-cost and low-intensity intervention technique that could prevent tooth decay for thousands of children across the UK.

article News story: Submissions are now open for the 2020 Queen Mary Wasafiri New Writing Prize
15 January 2020

An all-star literary line-up will feature on the 2020 Wasifiri New Writing Prize judging panel, tasked with awarding £1,000 each to the best new writers of fiction, life writing, and poetry.

article News story: Good connections key to startup success
15 January 2020

The future potential of early stage startups can be assessed by their existing professional relationships, research led by a team at Queen Mary University of London suggests. 

article News story: Scientists fear impact of deep-sea mining on microbial ecosystems
14 January 2020

Deep-sea ecosystems are potentially at risk from the impacts of deep-sea mining according to a new paper co-authored by an academic at Queen Mary University of London.

article News story: Queen Mary research team identifies new route for tackling drug resistance in skin cancer cells
13 January 2020

Researchers at Queen Mary University of London have found that melanoma cells fight anti-cancer drugs by changing their internal skeleton (cytoskeleton) – opening up a new therapeutic route for combatting skin and other cancers that develop resistance to treatment.

article News story: Re-thinking abortion politics
10 January 2020

A new book co-edited by an academic from Queen Mary University of London provides an interdisciplinary academic analysis of the 2018 referendum which overturned Ireland’s near-total abortion ban.