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School of Politics and International Relations

Dr Musab Younis, BA, Nottingham; MPhil & DPhil, Oxford.


Lecturer in Politics and International Relations

Office Hours: No office hours


Musab joined QMUL in September 2018. His research examines international political thought in relation to empire, with a focus on anticolonialism. He is currently preparing a book manuscript on conceptions of race and global order across the interwar Black Atlantic.

Before joining QMUL, Musab was a Lecturer at Cardiff University (2017-18). He obtained his MPhil (2010-12) and DPhil (2013-17) at the University of Oxford and worked as a Research Officer at the Institute of Development Studies (2012-13).


Research Interests:

Musab’s work is located at the intersection of the history of political thought, international relations and critical theory.

His research interests include political thought in Africa, the Caribbean and across the African diaspora; nationalism, print cultures and anticolonialism; time and temporality; Marxist and postcolonial theory; and race and racism in global perspective.

Examples of research funding:

Musab’s doctoral research was funded by the UK Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC).


Selected publications

 ‘The Haitian Revolution,’ in The Oxford Handbook on History and International Relations, edited by Mlada Bukovansky, Edward Keene, Maja Spanu and Chris Reus-Smit, Oxford University Press (forthcoming)

‘After the Postcolony,’ Millennium: Review of International Studies 41/1, 131-136 (2012)