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School of Politics and International Relations

Dr Musab Younis, BA, Nottingham; MPhil & DPhil, Oxford.


Senior Lecturer in Politics and International Relations

Office Hours: No office hours


I work on international political thought, with a focus on race, empire and anticolonialism especially during the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

My first book, On the Scale of the World: The Formation of Black Anticolonial Thought, will be published by the University of California Press in 2022.

I am currently working on an intellectual history of global inequality, tentatively titled The Pillage of Distant Worlds, alongside projects on the intimate politics of imperialism; Whiteness; queerness in film; and the idea of the ‘South’.

I did my MPhil (2012) and DPhil (PhD, 2017) at the University of Oxford and was a Lecturer at Cardiff University (2017-18), before joining QMUL in 2018.

I teach for QMUL at the University of London Institute in Paris and I am a regular contributor to the London Review of Books.

Undergraduate Teaching

POLM973 ­– Globalisation and the International Political Economy of Development (MAIR Paris)

POLM979 – Doing IR Research: Theories, Methods and Data (MAIR Paris)


Research Interests:

  • theories of imperialism
  • anticolonial history and theory
  • Black Atlantic political thought
  • the politics of race in France
  • the international politics of Haiti
  • global inequality
  • feminist and queer anticolonial thought
  • film and documentary
  • Third Worldism
  • Whiteness

Examples of research funding:

Musab’s doctoral research was funded by the UK Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC).



2022- On the Scale of the World: The Formation of Black Anticolonial Thought (University of California Press, forthcoming 2022)


2023- ‘Anticolonial Theory and Colonial Enclosure in Contemporary Europe,’ with Alexandra Reza, forthcoming in South Atlantic Quarterly special issue ‘Southern Questions’, edited by Reza, A. and Younis, M.

2022- ‘History and Postcolonialism,’ in Thinking World Politics Otherwise, edited by Laura Shepherd, Nivi Manchanda, Rhys Crilley, Cai Wilkinson and Stefanie Fishel (forthcoming)

2022- ‘The Haitian Revolution,’ in The Oxford Handbook on History and International Relations, edited by Mlada Bukovansky, Edward Keene, Maja Spanu and Chris Reus-Smit, Oxford University Press (forthcoming)

2018- ‘Race, the World and Time: Haiti, Liberia and Ethiopia (1914–45),’ Millennium: Review of International Studies 46/3, 352–370                                                                              

2017- ‘‘United by Blood’: Race and Transnationalism During the Belle Époque,’ Nations and Nationalism 23/3


2022- ‘Southern Questions: Theory at Europe’s Colonial Frontiers,’ special issue of South Atlantic Quarterly co-edited with Alexandra Reza, with contributions from Timothy Brennan, Chiara Cartuccia, Nicola Dieng, Vincent Piers Moystad, Maria Luisa Palumbo, AbdouMaliq Simone, Annie Teriba and Giulia Torino.


2022- ‘Mapping West African Anticolonial Writing: the case of the Sierra Leone Weekly News,’ Third World Historical Web Project, Columbia University (forthcoming)

2022- ‘Queer Antinomies’, (Review of Out of Time by Rahul Rao) in Critical Studies on Security (forthcoming)

2022- ‘To Own Whiteness,’ (Review of White Fragility by Robin Diangelo; Do Better by Rachel Ricketts; Me and White Supremacy by Layla Saad; What White People Can Do Next by Emma Dabiri) in London Review of Books 44(3)

2019- ‘Autumn in Paris,’ London Review of Books 41(23): 10

2018- ‘Bitch Nation,’ (Review of Sex, France and Arab Men by Todd Shepard) in London Review of Books 41(3): 16-18

2017- ‘Against Independence,’ (Review of Freedom Time by Gary Wilder) in London Review of Books 39(13): 27-8

2013- ‘There is No “True” Africa,’ (Review of Of Africa by Wole Soyinka) in Prospect Magazine, February 15

2012- ‘After the Riots,’ n+1 magazine, October 11

2012- Review: Deviant Globalization: Black Market Economy in the 21st Century by Nils Gilman, Jesse Goldhammer and Steven Weber in St Antony's International Review 7(2):195-197

2012- ‘After the Postcolony,’ (Review of Third World Protest by Rahul Rao and Political Theories of Decolonization by Margaret Kohn and Keally McBride) in Millennium: Review of International Studies 41/1, 131-136.

2011- ‘Once More About the London Riots,’ n+1 magazine, August 26

2011- ‘Event Analysis: British Tuition Fee Protest 2010,’ in Interface: A Journal for and About Social Movements 3(1): 172-181



I welcome applications from candidates wishing to pursue doctoral research, especially in the following areas:

  • imperialism and anticolonialism
  • race and racism
  • Marxism and imperialism
  • the international politics of Africa (especially West Africa)
  • the international politics of the Caribbean
  • French and francophone international political thought
  • global inequality
  • the international politics of race, gender and queerness
  • postcolonialism and philosophy
  • Southern Europe and race (especially Italy)
  • historical and archival approaches to international politics
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