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School of Politics and International Relations

Professor Christopher Phillips, BA (Cambridge), MSc (LSE), PhD (LSE)


Professor in International Relations

Telephone: 020 7882 8584
Room Number: ArtsOne, 2.33A
Office Hours: Monday 14:00-15:00 (in person) and Wednesday 13:00-14:00 (in person or online)


Dr Chris Phillips joined the School in January 2012, having previously worked as deputy editor for Syria and Jordan at the Economist Intelligence Unit. Before then he did his PhD and Masters in International Relations at the London School of Economics, and BA at Cambridge. He is currently an associate fellow at the Middle East and North Africa programme at Chatham House, working primarily on the Syria conflict and its impact on neighbouring states and the wider Middle East. He is co-curator of ‘Syria: story of a conflict’ a public exhibition at the Imperial War Museum and the Imperial War Museum North. He was a Visiting Scholar at the Centre for Contemporary Arab Studies at Georgetown University in 2014 & 2015.

Chris lived in Syria for two years, in Aleppo, Damascus and Latakia, and much of his research focuses on that country. Since the beginning of the civil war there in 2011, he has regularly consulted various government agencies and NGOS, and has made numerous media appearances on outlets including BBC Newsnight, Radio 4’s Today Programme, BBC News, Al-Jazeera, Sky News and Channel 4 News. He has written for The Guardian, The Washington Post, Newsweek and CNN, among others. His latest book, The Battle for Syria: International Rivalry in the new Middle East was published by Yale University Press in 2016.

He blogs at and tweets at @cjophillips, mostly commenting on Syria, the Middle East, and the lamentable state of Aston Villa Football Club.


Research Interests:

My research interests lie primarily in the role of identity and power in the politics and international relations of the Arab Middle East. My past work has used nationalism and international relations theory to explore the interaction of Arab, state and religious identities in the identity discourses of modern Arab states. My current research is focused on two international dimensions of the Syrian civil war (2011-present). Firstly, an exploration of how international actors have impacted and shaped the conflict, using international relations theories on regional systems and the balance of power as a framework. Secondly, a consideration of how the war in turn has impacted the international relation of the Middle East, both the regional dynamics and international interaction.

Previously I have investigated in detail the official identity discourses of two modern Arab states, Syria and Jordan, considering how Arab identity in particular has been constructed, sustained and reproduced in an everyday manner. Out of this came a wider consideration of the position of Arab identity in today’s Middle East, both its domestic and international politics, with the role of transnational satellite television, particularly al-Jazeera, scrutinised. These projects involved fieldwork in both Syria and Jordan, combining ethnographic interviewing with broader content and discourse analyses of several key disseminators of national identity: the personality cults of the ruling regimes and the state television broadcasts they control.

My other research interests focus on specific case studies within the study of politics and the international relations of the Middle East: Syrian foreign policy; British and US foreign policy towards the Arab World; Turkey’s Syria policy; the role of Arab identity in intra-Arab relations; and the challenge presented to older identity discourses by the 2011 Arab Spring.

Current research projects:

  • The international relations of the Syrian civil war
  • Arab identity in the contemporary Middle East
  • British Middle East policy
  • Syrian national identity and the 2011 uprising



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Journal Articles: 

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Policy papers and book chapters:

'The international and regional battle for Syria' in R. Hinnebusch and A. Saouli (eds.), The War for Syria: Regional and International Dimensions of the Syrian Uprising (London: Routledge, 2019)

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Selected Conference papers:

'The International Origins of the Syrian Civil war', BRISMES conference, University of Edinburgh (July 2017)

'Syria and the post-American Middle East' presented at the Belfer Center, Harvard University (March 2017)

'Eyes Bigger than Stomachs: Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar in Syria ISA conference, Baltimore (February 2017)

'The Battle for Syria' presented at Georgetown University (February 2017)

'Sectarianism and the conflict in Syria' presented at Middle East Studies Group, Birkbeck University February 2014

'Arabism and the Arab Spring', presented at University of St. Andrews October 2013  

'The limits of soft power: Turkey and the 2011 Syrian Crisis' BRISMES Conference, University College Dublin (June 2013)

'The Security Situation in Syria and its Regional Implications' NATO Parliamentary Assembly Conference, Marrakech (April 2013)

'Syria: A solvable crisis?' USAK conference, Ankara (February 2013)

'Which flag? The 2011 uprising and Syrian national identity', BRISMES Conference, London School of Economics (March, 2012)

'Unnoticed Authoritarianism: The Everyday Cult of King Abdullah II of Jordan', British Academy-sponsored Special Seminar, Exeter University (September, 2010)

'Banal Arabism? Al-Jazeera and the flagging of Arab identity during the 2008 Beijing Olympics', World Congress for Middle Eastern Studies, Conference, Barcelona (July, 2010)

'Daddies’ Boys: Father, son and the nation in the leadership cults of contemporary Syria and Jordan' ASEN Conference, London School of Economics (April 2010)

'Re-inventing Lebanon: the Search for Lebanese Nationalism During Syrian Occupation 1991-2005.' Hawaii International Conference on Social Sciences, University of Hawaii, (May 2007)

Public Engagement

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