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School of Politics and International Relations

Dr Corina Lacatus, BA (Bucharest), MA (American University in DC), MA (UCLA), PhD (LSE), PhD (UCLA)


Senior Lecturer in Global Governance

Telephone: TBC
Room Number: ArtsOne, 2.26
Office Hours: Monday 13:00-15:00 (online or in person). Please email in advance to book a timeslot.


Corina joined Queen Mary in September 2021 and is currently the principal investigator in a research project funded by the British Academy & Leverhulme Trust that explores the governance of health, with a particular focus on the governance of mental health for migrants and refugees. 

Corina’s research is at the intersection of International Relations and Comparative Politics but also engages actively with Political Communication scholarship. Writ large, she is a scholar of international co-operation and global governance, focusing on the influence that international organisations like the United Nations and the European Union have on domestic institutions, politics, and societies. So far, her research has explored these dynamics in different areas of policy-making and practice – crisis management, south-to-north and south-to-south migration, human rights, peace agreements and human rights after conflict, and corruption control. In addition, she has developed a research agenda in Political Communication, focusing on the formation and strategic uses of electoral rhetoric to advance populist political agendas. She has carried out analyses of large bodies of social media data (Twitter-based) and other Internet-based data – blogs, press releases, rally speeches and video material.

Before joining Queen Mary, she worked at Queen’s University Belfast, University of Edinburgh, London School of Economics, American University in Washington DC, University of Illinois, and University of California Los Angeles. She also has two years of practice experience in the field of International Development, working in global migration and global health at different international development organisations in Washington DC.


Examples of research funding:

2022 – 2024 British Academy/Leverhulme Trust Small Research Grant

2020 – 2021 Hillary Rodham Clinton Fellow, Queen’s University Belfast

2017 – 2020 Career Development Fellow, Department of Politics and International Relations, University of Edinburgh

2019 Best paper presented at the EUSA conference 2019 (with Ulrich Sedelmeier)

2018 – 2019 Strategic Research Support Fund, University of Edinburgh, School of Social and Political Sciences (with Shaun Bevan)

2017 – 2018 Hayter Field Research Award, Centre for African Studies, University of Edinburgh

2017 – 2018 Strategic Research Support Fund, University of Edinburgh, School of Social and Political Sciences

2016 Institute for Qualitative and Multi-Method Research Fellowship, Syracuse University Maxwell School

2013 – 2015 Economics and Social Research Council Doctoral Training Award

2010 – 2012 The Hall of Nations Fellowship, School of International Service, American University Washington DC



Corina Lacatus and Alex Nogues Create Your Research Poster, SAGE Publishing, 2021

Corina Lacatus The (In)visibility Complex. Negotiating Otherness in Contemporary Sweden, Stockholm University Press, February 2008 

Peer-reviewed journal articles

Corina Lacatus and Valentina Carraro, “National Human Rights Institutions: Independent actors in global human rights governance?” International Affairs, 99:3, 2023

Corina Lacatus “Populism, Competitive Authoritarianism, and Foreign Policy: The case of Uganda’s 2021 election,” Global Studies Quarterly 3:1, 2023 

Corina Lacatus and Gustav Meibauer “Saying it like it is: Right-wing populist leaders, political   communication and foreign policy,” The British Journal of Politics and International Relations 24:3, 2022

Corina Lacatus “Regional governance and networked regulatory stewardship: the case of the      European Network of National Human Rights Institutions,” International Relations 36:2, 2021

Corina Lacatus and Gustav Meibauer “Crisis, rhetoric, and right-wing populist incumbency: An analysis of Donald Trump’s tweets and press briefings,” Government and Opposition, 58:2, 2021

Corina Lacatus “Populism and President Trump’s approach to foreign policy: An analysis of tweets and rally speeches,” Politics, 41:1, 2021

Corina Lacatus and Gustav Meibauer “Introduction to the Special Issue: Elections, Rhetoric and American Foreign Policy in the Age of Donald Trump”, Politics, 41:1, 2021

Corina Lacatus and Ulrich Sedelmeier “Does monitoring without enforcement make a difference? The EU and anti-corruption policies in Bulgaria and Romania after accession,” Journal of European Public Policy, 27:8, 2020

Corina Lacatus and Kathryn Nash “Peace Agreements and the Institutionalisation of Human Rights: A multi-level analysis, ”International Journal of Human Rights, 24:6, 2020

Corina Lacatus “Explaining Institutional Strength: The case of national human rights institutions in Europe and its Neighbourhood,” Journal of European Public Policy, 26:11, 2019

Corina Lacatus “Populism and the 2016 American Election: evidence from official press releases and Twitter,” PS: Political Science & Politics, 52:2, 2019

Corina Lacatus “Human Rights Networks and Regulatory Stewardship: An analysis of a multi-level network of human rights commissions in the United Kingdom,” The British Journal of Politics and International Relations, 20:4, November 2018

Corina Lacatus “Culture Wars as Clashes of Identities” Arts and International Affairs, 2:2, 2017

Cora Lacatus, Daniel Schade and Yuan Yao “Quo vadis IR: Method, Methodology and Innovation Methods, Methodology and Innovation,” Millennium: Journal of International Studies, 43:3, 2015 

Corina Lacatus “Visual identities of the Other: Performance Art and the Public Sphere in Contemporary Sweden,” Scandinavian Studies, 81:4, 2008

Corina Lacatus “What is a blatte? Migration and Ethnic Identity in Contemporary Sweden,” The Journal of Arab and Muslim Media Research, 1, 2007

Corina Lacatus “ Representing Immigrant Identity in Swedish Literature and Visual Arts,” International Journal of Knowledge, Culture and Change Management, 5, 2005

Peer-reviewed book chapters 

Lacatus, Corina “Sovereignty as Performance and Video Art: A Study of Citizenship Between International Relations and Artistic Representation”, in Maximilian Mayer, Douglas R. Howland and Elizabeth Lillehoj, Art and Sovereignty, Routledge, 2017

Special issues

Lacatus, Corina and Gustav Meibauer (Eds.), Rhetoric, Elections and Foreign Policy, Politics (forthcoming 2021)

Lacatus, Cora, Daniel Schade and Yuan Yao (Eds.) Methods, Methodology and Innovation, Millennium: Journal of International Studies, 43:3, 2015


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