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School of Politics and International Relations

Queen Mary politics graduates working at the centre of British politics

A photos of Lucia and Camilla on a sunny day standing in front of Big Ben

Camilla and Lucia in Westminster

Two recent graduates from Queen Mary University of London’s School of Politics and International Relations have found themselves working across the aisle from one another for two leading politicians at the centre of British politics.

Camilla Furio, who graduated with a BA in Politics in 2022, works for Chancellor Jeremy Hunt, while Lucia Rodriguez Bai, who graduated with a BA in Politics in 2023, is currently working for Labour’s Shadow Chancellor Rachel Reeves.

The academic foundation for a career in the political world

Both graduates credit their time at Queen Mary with helping them to build the academic foundation needed for work in the political world.

Camilla said: “Studying politics at Queen Mary really opened my eyes to how the world of politics works. The courses were packed with interesting ideas about how political systems and theories shape our world.” She added: “Each class helped me see the big picture and I think one of the best parts was learning about real-life issues that affect us all.”

Beyond a theoretical understanding of politics, Lucia noted the critical transferable skills she gained, many of which she uses in her current role: “The skills I use the most in my current role are those I developed at university: written communication, research, citation and attention to detail.”

Hands on experience of working in Westminster

Key to building a career in politics, both said, was the applied learning they gained through the innovative Parliamentary Studies module offered by Queen Mary.
Taught in partnership with the Houses of Parliament, the module equips students with both a practical understanding of how Parliament works as well as the key skills in research and analysis needed for a career in politics.

“It gave us a real feel for the work environment and helped us see where we fit best,” said Camilla. She added that without the placement scheme also offered by Queen Mary, she would not have been able to break into a career in politics so quickly. “It was the placement [with another MP] that made me a candidate when applying for a job with Jeremy and helped me secure it before even graduating.”

Lucia added: “A lot of the practical knowledge I use on a daily basis in my current role comes from the Parliamentary Studies module and my placement.” She continued “If it were not for my experience studying politics at Queen Mary, I would not have known that I would like to work in parliament and for my current party.”

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