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Worrying political drift of government


Boris Johnson's levelling up speech in Coventry was billed as the moment the prime minister would set out the substance behind the central idea of his premiership. In the event, he announced £50m for community football pitches and 15 more local high street upgrades, and mused about the potential benefits of "mayors" for counties, asking the public to email him if they had a better name. There was much characteristic enthusiasm but little policy meat.
"I was very, very surprised at how poor Johnson's speech was," said Tim Bale, Professor of Politics at Queen Mary, University of London. "I would have thought that was an opportunity to set out the government's stall and go back to the manifesto that won them the election in 2019. The fact it was so poor suggests they really haven't made much progress in thinking about how they are going to deliver those promises."

This was covered in the Jewish Tribune (Clipping available on request)



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