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How the UK's political landscape could be rocked by government's handling of COVID-19


A YOUGOV poll, conducted last week with 2,823 respondents, found that 54 percent of people think the government is doing a good job of handling the coronavirus, with 20 percent considering it to be doing a bad job. The virus has led many to ponder what would happen in politics over the coming years as a result, especially on topics concerning the repercussions of coronavirus on the economy and the distinction between left and right being blurred. Dr Patrick Diamond, a senior public policy lecturer at Queen Mary University of London, said "In the last economic crisis in 2008, there was obviously a big political argument in the aftermath of the crisis about essentially who pays." Dr Diamond added that he thought the virus had shown how much strain some public services were under, and that this should open debate on whether we need to spend more on health, and if so, who would pay for this.

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