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Brexit bombshell: Key reason Boris Johnson will not give into EU fishing demands exposed


Brexit talks have been stalling over a series of key issues both the UK and the European Union have shown no willingness to make concessions. The future of British fisheries has remained a point of contention since the start of the talks as the EU continues to demand access to UK waters at the end of the transition period. Professor Tim Bale, from Queen Mary of London, suggested Boris Johnson is unlikely to give into EU demands because of their "symbolic" importance. Speaking to CNBC, Professor Bale said: "Clearly there are far more important sectors that matter economically in these negotiations than fishing. I think the problem is it’s emotive, it’s symbolic. It’s all about the slogan that won the referendum, take back control, it’s one aspect of that. Certainly, in some communities it plays very well and for the Government that is important."

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