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A Brexit extension would face serious opposition even during coronavirus


The Financial Times published an opinion piece by Professor Tim Bale about the possibility of a Brexit extension. He writes: "Polling now shows that two-thirds of the public support extending the transition period beyond the end of this year, although there is disagreement about how long, with 29 per cent favouring a year or less, and 38 per cent willing to wait as long as it takes. But be in no doubt, such a decision is not inevitable. People like the new Labour party leader Keir Starmer, if they believe an extension may well prove necessary, need to come up with some effective arguments — and since the real deadline is at the end of June, the last moment when a change to the timetable can be legally agreed, they need to do so soon."
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Professor Bale also had a letter published in the Sunday Times in which he warns dealing with the economic fallout of coronavirus and getting brexit done 'seems overly ambitious'. PDF available.



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