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Who has the most to gain from tonight’s TV debate?


Professor of Politics, Professor Tim Bale co-authored an opinion piece in City AM discussing tonight’s televised debate. He writes: “The spectre of Theresa May’s decision to dodge the debate in 2017 looms in the minds of Conservative strategists. It was a move that proved her poor leadership. Just taking part in tonight’s debate marks this Prime Minister out as different from his predecessor. And his poll lead should solidify following a well-executed debate. Going head-to-head also helps amplify the Conservative messaging that only Boris Johnson or Jeremy Corbyn can be Prime Minister. This should encourage wavering Brexit Party voters who are worried about splitting the Eurosceptic vote to come back to the Tories. Most importantly, it’s an opportunity for Boris to put the poor oratorical reputation he has developed after some fairly lacklustre speeches behind him, and prove that he is the more statesmanlike of the two.”
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