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Jeremy Corbyn: Britain’s saviour or great white nope?


With a hung parliament bitterly divided over Brexit the prospect of a snap election in the autumn appears closer by the day. Critics say the leader of the UK opposition is missing in action, unelectable and whose insistence on clinging on to power is threatening the very existence of the Labour Party. “Jeremy Corbyn has dug the party deeper and deeper into a huge hole of his own making – one it won’t climb out of until it dumps him,” said Tim Bale, Professor of Politics at Queen Mary University of London. “Given how much the membership still seems to love him come what may, that doesn’t look likely to happen any time soon – by which time it will be way too late. Indeed, I’d say the party’s very survival is open to question if it carries on like this.”
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Professor Bale also spoke to Talk Radio (at 16:35), BBC Radio 5 live (at 1:00:42), and BBC News at Nine about the latest Brexit negotiations.



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