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Brexit: What next for the Conservative Party?


Professor Tim Bale was interviewed on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme about the future of the Conservative Party ahead of the crucial Brexit vote in the House of Commons. He said: “This is clearly a pretty important moment, partly because I suspect that we are going to see a general election in fairly short order. We are also seeing the possibility that some Conservative MPs who have remained loyal members of that party for years and years and years may be prevented from standing and I think that says something about the future direction of the Conservative Party.”
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Prior to the events in Parliament yesterday evening, Bloomberg TV also spoke to Professor Tim Bale about Boris Johnson’s chances of the Conservatives getting the numbers to take control of the timeline of Brexit or force an extension. He said: “I think if they got the numbers to take control of the timetable, they will have the numbers to pass legislation mandating Boris Johnson to ask for an extension from the EU.”
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