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School of Politics and International Relations

Professor Tim Bale, Trump's White House invite creates diplomatic dilemma for Theresa May


The Sydney Morning Herald looks ahead to Theresa May’s visit to Washington on January 27 and what she might discuss with Donald Trump. "It's not going to be easy dealing with a man who makes Tricky Dicky look like Honest Abe, and a joint press conference is going to be quite an ordeal for the prime minister," said Professor Tim Bale. "All she can do is pack her rictus grin in her hand luggage, and hope she and her team can get something half-way sensible from Trump's team behind the scenes and from congressional Republicans."
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Professor Bale is also quoted by Yahoo News in an article on Theresa May bracing for a new Brexit battle over court ruling
And he featured on BBC Radio 4’s PM show at 21 minutes to discuss the meeting of radical right parties in Germany