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School of Politics and International Relations

Dr Sarah Wolff, Immigration, a consensual issue in the French presidential campaign?


Dr Sarah Wolff writes for the LSE Europp Blog about the varying immigration policies proposed by each candidate of the upcoming French presidential election. In 2016, 57 per cent of the French thought there were too many immigrants in France and 63 per cent believed that refugees will not be able to integrate. Dr Wolff explains: “Given that France is a multicultural society, built on migration, it is disappointing that migration is not regarded as a societal project. Measures to integrate migrants are minimal and it is only very rarely that candidates recall that asylum is a human right. This national disillusionment is also reflected at the European level, where migration is rarely presented as a positive force for European economies in light of the inevitable ageing of populations. This is no good news for immigrants, nor for French and European citizens.”
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