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School of Politics and International Relations

When Nothing Works: From Cost of Living to Foundational Liveability

When: Wednesday, July 5, 2023, 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM
Where: PP1 Lecture Theatre, The People's Palace, Mile End


At this event, the authors of When Nothing Works will present their new and incisive analysis of the UK's mounting economic and social problems. 

On Wednesday 5 July, the Mile End Institute and the School of Business and Management are hosting the launch of a new co-authored book, When Nothing Works: From Cost of Living to Foundational Liveability

In 2023, the United Kingdom has unaffordable essentials, failing public services, rising inflation, and industrial unrest. When Nothing Works is both our national dilemma and the title of this new book which breaks with the assumptions of the Left and the Right and seeks to change what is economically viable and politically actionable. 

When Nothing Works diagnoses chronic foundational failure when all the pillars of household liveability are failing as residual income is squeezed, services collapse, and social infrastructure decays. It proposes a political practice of 'adaptive reuse' that works around the constraints that frustrate mainstream policies of growth and higher wages. 

At this event, chaired by Andrew Pendleton, Professor Julie Froud (University of Manchester and one of the authors of When Nothing Works) will outline the book's key arguments, before a panel discussion.


This event will be held in the PP1 Lecture Theatre in the People's Palace at Queen Mary, University of London's Mile End campus. It is number 16 on this map of QMUL's campus. Doors will open at 5.45pm and the discussion will start at 6pm. It will be followed by a short drinks reception to which all attendees are welcome. Discounted copies of When Nothing Works will be sold after the event. 

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