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Queen Mary students show high levels of satisfaction

A new survey has revealed that students from Queen Mary’s Language Centre have high levels of satisfaction when it comes to Pre-Sessional courses.

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Student with laptop
Student with laptop

Queen Mary's Summer Pre-Sessional programme runs for 13 weeks and is designed to develop students’ English language, academic study skills, and prepare them for their chosen undergraduate or postgraduate degree.

The Online Pre-Sessional End of Course Student Survey 2020 showed a very high level of satisfaction from students. The Student survey found that 95 per cent of all HSS, Law and STEM students felt that the Online Pre-Sessional course met their expectations. Previously in 2019, 99 per cent of Pre-Sessional students progressed onto their degrees, and over the last two years, 66 per cent of students went on to achieve Distinction or Merit.

 A Student on the Law Pathway at Queen Mary said: In my opinion, Pre-Sessional courses have helped me to develop my writing, reading, and speaking skills. I did not have a lot of experience with presentations. Also, I developed my writing skills. I cited from lots of writers. I have not been experienced this kind of writing in my life. It helped me to develop my skills. All in all, I can say that overview of the pre-sessional is really positive because I developed my skills.”

William Tweddle, Presessional Programme Convenor at Queen Mary University of London said: “The whole team in the Language Centre have worked hard to deliver the best possible experience for our students, and this feedback is something that we all really appreciate. It is so gratifying to see recognition of our efforts from the Pre-Sessional students."

The same team in Queen Mary’s School of Languages Linguistics and Film, were also awarded the joint Educational Excellence Award and Principals Award for three Programmes in February 2019, including the Pre-Masters, the IFP and the Pre-Sessional and received £5,000 for professional developmental support.

The Queen Mary Education Excellence Awards and President and Principal's Prize Awards, aims and seeks to improve the quality of education and embed a culture of excellence at the University through the recognition and celebration of teaching excellence, encouraging student engagement through co-creation, supporting excellent student learning outcomes and providing an excellent student environment


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