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Queen Mary trains final year medical students to help NHS fight coronavirus

Queen Mary University of London has trained 18 final-year medical students to immediately support the NHS in the fight against coronavirus.

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Final year medical students ready to support the NHS. Credit: Queen Mary
Final year medical students ready to support the NHS. Credit: Queen Mary

The students began helping doctors and nurses in adult critical care at The Royal London Hospital starting at 8am on Tuesday 24 March. Many more student volunteers are expected to follow as part of a broader training scheme.

Queen Mary has already released its clinical staff from their academic duties to support the NHS while medical students in years 1-4 are ready to volunteer as the government calls on expertise from across the country to help with the crisis.

To relieve pressure on hospitals in the capital, Queen Mary has also donated important diagnostic equipment and released parking spaces for NHS workers on its London campuses.

Professor Colin Bailey, President and Principal of Queen Mary University of London, said: “We are working closely with government and the NHS to support the national effort against coronavirus. The NHS is doing an incredible job and as a University it is our duty to contribute by donating the world-leading academic and clinical expertise from our medical school as well as our facilities and equipment.”

Queen Mary academics from science and engineering and the humanities and social sciences have been commenting on the outbreak, from the importance of DNA sequencing to the impact on Brexit. You can read more about their research and opinions on our news page.

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