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Queen Mary offers guarantee of course places to offer holders affected by grade assessment change

Queen Mary University of London has responded to the news that that A-levels and GCSEs in England are to be re-awarded based on the assessment grades from schools.

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Queens' Building. Credit: Queen Mary
Queens' Building. Credit: Queen Mary

“As a result of the government's A-level announcement on Monday, we are opening an extra 500 places for applicants. We'll have more detail on this policy on Tuesday morning. Like all 2020 applicants who are accepted through Clearing, these offer holders will have guaranteed accommodation waiting for them at Queen Mary.

“We are deeply sympathetic to all students affected by this change in policy in relation to A-level awarded grades.

"If, following the Government announcement, applicants’ revised grades mean that they meet the terms of their original offer, we will guarantee them a place.”

If you would like to speak to an advisor at Queen Mary please find out more on our Clearing webpage.


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