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School of Mathematical Sciences

Christo Morison


Postgraduate Research Student

Room Number: Mathematical Sciences Building, Room: MB-402


My name is Christo, and I prefer he/him pronouns.

Since September 2021, I have been an Early Stage Researcher (Ph.D. candidate) and member of Dr. Weini Huang's Evolutionary Theory group in the Centre for Complex Systems at the School of Mathematical Sciences.

I am working on mathematical biology (more specifically, stochastic models of mutation accumulation in tumour cell populations) in the EvoGamesPlus training network, funded by the EU’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under the Marie SkÅ‚odowska-Curie grant agreement #955708.

I support Federico Ardila's axioms for fostering inclusivity in mathematics, first published in Todos Cuentan.

Supervisor: Weini Huang.



Christo Morison, Dudley Stark, and Weini Huang. "Single-cell mutational burden distributions in birth-death processes." arXiv:2309.06355 (2023).

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