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School of Mathematical Sciences

Undergraduate spotlight - Masturina Mohd Zainudin on an internship with PETRONAS

We spoke with BSc Actuarial Science student Masturina about the skills and experience she has gained while undertaking an internship with PETRONAS.


I am two months into a three month credit risk internship with global energy group, PETRONAS. These past weeks have been a truly enriching experience, enabling me to gain valuable insights and foster meaningful connections and friendships. Despite commuting through the bustling London peak hour to reach the office, every moment has been worth it.

I feel incredibly fortunate to be part of a supportive and helpful risk team that has been by my side since day one, guiding me through this learning process.

To be honest, I had limited knowledge about risk management before starting this internship, but now I understand the crucial role it plays in proposing the best business strategies while minimising risks and ensuring traders are well-informed. It has been an eye-opening experience.

One of the highlights of my July was visiting was the F1 factory in Brackley, where I witnessed the behind-the-scenes process of creating an F1 car. The dedication and effort put in by the entire F1 team, from the factory teams to the racers and pit stop crew, left me in awe.

The pit stop session was particularly challenging, and my muscles were sore for two days after trying to achieve the elusive two second record. Though we didn't quite get there, completing it in around six seconds was an accomplishment in itself!

As I look forward to my remaining month here, I am excited about the prospect of gaining more knowledge and having even more amazing experiences. I am grateful for the opportunities this internship has provided and the chance to grow both professionally and personally.




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