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School of Mathematical Sciences

Two-metre high Mirror Pillar on campus

The School of Mathematical Sciences has been busy working to produce an exciting enrichment opportunity for students and secondary schools.


In conjunction with Matt Parker, Public Engagement Fellow, and Katie Steckles, a new two-metre high Mirror Pillar will be displayed on campus between Friday 5th October and Tuesday 8th October.

The Mirror Pillar is a giant 2m high cylindrical mirror, which reflects and distorts images from the ground around it to create beautiful anamorphic artworks.

The project will be a chance to interact with anamorphic images by drawing part of one, and discover the mathematics and geometry behind projected and distorted images.

Staff and Queen Mary students will be able to engage with the Mirror Pillar outside the Graduate Centre on Friday 5th October.

On Saturday 6th October, the Mirror Pillar will be on display as part of our university-wide undergraduate Open Day for visitors to get involved with and help create new works of anamorphic art.

Secondary school teachers are able to bring groups of students to discover the Mirror Pillar by appointment on Monday 7th and Tuesday 8th October, between 10.00am – 4.00pm.

If you are a teacher interested in visiting with a group of students please get in touch with us by email on

To find out more information and view example of anamorphic art, visit the dedicated Mirror Pillar website:



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