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School of Mathematical Sciences

Students use Interactive Brokers’ Simulated Trading Platform to gain real-world experience

Undergraduate and postgraduate students are using Interactive Brokers’ Simulated Trading Platform to gain real-world experience.


Each student registers for a simulated trading account on a live platform with Interactive Brokers. When registering students receive $1 million USD of paper money that they can use to trade in stocks, futures, commodities, options and cryptocurrency at live market prices. Working with a simulated trading platform helps our students translate concepts taught in class to the real world and to experience first-hand the technicalities associated with transactions in securities.  

A group of students in a computer lab

Our IT lab has the trading platform installed and our students can choose to work with it at scheduled times but also independently. Simulated Trading is part of the module 'Mathematical Tools for Asset Management'.

Module organiser Dr Melania Nica said 'I’ve really enjoyed working with students on the Mathematical Tools for Asset Management module and watching them apply their learning to hands-on activities that will help them in their future careers.’ 

At the end of term we'll see how students progress and if any profit has been made. Check back to find out.





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