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School of Mathematical Sciences

Register Now! Geometric Flows / Geometric Analysis conference at QMUL in January


The School will be hosting a conference entitled "Geometric Flows and related topics" to take place at Queen Mary University of London, January 5-8, 2016. The deadline for registration for this event is Tuesday 15 December so if you'd like to attend hurry and reserve a place!

The theme of this conference sits within the broad field of nonlinear partial differential equations, an area of mathematics with wide-ranging applications from practical issues in engineering, science and industry to some of the most difficult problems in geometry and topology. The main focus of this conference lies on geometric flows, but also related topics in geometric analysis will be covered. Geometric flows have become an increasingly important tool in geometric analysis and a beautiful theory in its own right. Their motivation is strikingly simple: they are designed to evolve rough initial data towards nice geometric objects, e.g. harmonic maps, geodesics, minimal surfaces, or manifolds with constant curvature.

Applications of geometric flows are found in pure mathematics as well as in more applied areas: Nowadays, they are used to model processes in physics or biology (such as phase interfaces or cell membranes), to prove geometric estimates (such as isoperimetric inequalities or the Riemannian Penrose inequality), or as processing device (e.g. for image processing in medical scanners). The conference will mainly focus on the theoretical fundament of the area, but applications will also be presented.

The conference, organised by Dr Reto Buzano (Mueller), is financially supported by the EPSRC. A link to the conference website and information on how to register can be found here:



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