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QMUL to join The Alan Turing Institute

Queen Mary University of London is set to join The Alan Turing Institute as a university partner. 

Queen Mary, along with three other new partners (The universities of Leeds, Newcastle and Manchester), will join the Institute's founding universities of Cambridge, Edinburgh, Oxford, Warwick and UCL, and will work with the their growing network of partners in industry and government to advance the world-changing potential of data science.


The Alan Turing Institute

Alan Turing was a pioneer in the fields of theoretical and applied mathematics, engineering and computing, which together are considered to be the foundation of the emerging field of data science.

Turing is perhaps best known for his work at Bletchley Park during the Second World War. Bletchley Park was Britain's codebreaking centre and it was here that Turing played a vital role in breaking German ciphers, including those of the fabled Enigma machine.

Building on the efforts of those at Bletchley Park, The Alan Turing Institute exists to develop our understanding of the powerful impact of data science on society, the economy and our way of life.

Professor Edmund Burke, QMUL’s Vice Principal (Science and Engineering), said: “We’re delighted to be joining The Alan Turing Institute as a partner university. Data science will play an increasingly important role in modern life and, as a result of this exciting new partnership, we will be building significantly upon our world leading research activity in this field."

Researchers from the universities set to join the Institute agree that this represents a special opportunity for leading universities across the UK to collaborate, contributing to a wealth of expertise, experience and energy to support the Institute’s influential data science research.

For more information on the work of The Alan Turing Insitute, visit their website.



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