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School of Mathematical Sciences

QMUL Geometric Analysis Day on 3 April 2017


We are delighted to announce the first Queen Mary Geometric Analysis Day which will take place in People’s Palace PP1 on April 3, 2017. The theme of this 1-day workshop sits within the broad field of nonlinear partial differential equations, an area of mathematics with wide-ranging applications from practical issues in engineering, science and industry to some of the most difficult problems in geometry and topology.The event will feature four talks by experts in the field from four different countries: Gerard Besson (Grenoble), Barbara Nelli (L’Aquila), Tobias Lamm (Karlsruhe), and Huy Nguyen (QMUL). 

The workshop, organised by Dr Reto Buzano, is financially supported by the EPSRC. A link to the event website (and registration page) can be found here

The picture from the Minimal Surface Archive(link is external) shows a gyroid, a triply-periodic minimal surface.



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