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School of Mathematical Sciences

Preparing for University

In this blog, we asked first-year student, Amna Qamar, to put together some of the very best advice for preparing for life at university. Currently studying BSc Mathematics with Actuarial Science, Amna talked about her overall experience at the School of Maths at Queen Mary University of London.

Queens' Building, Mile End campus

"Queen Mary is a top global Russell Group University which attracts a great variety of individuals from across the world. Make sure you talk to as many people as possible - you can learn so much from other people’s stories and experiences." Amna said. "Make sure to keep an open mind when it comes to opportunities the University offers and throw yourself into student life by joining societies, sports teams and social activities – join even if it’s something you wouldn't normally do; everyone else is new as well, which makes it even easier to make friends."

For those students interested in BSc Actuarial Science, Amna explains how the degree programme is structured and some of the reasons why studying at Queen Mary could be the best choice for you.

"Studying BSc Mathematics with Actuarial Science at Queen Mary has not only advanced my academic abilities but furthered my professional skill set. The in-depth lectures are taught at a great pace and accommodate people of all abilities. You don’t have to worry about missing out as the support system the School of Mathematical Sciences has put in place is great: your lecturers are happy to answer any of your questions and concerns quickly. The professional development is also great. The Actuarial Professional Development aspect of the course is taught by two practising actuaries who work at top firms. This has given me a great insight into how I can develop my skills and personal brand to ensure I can fully qualify as an actuary (the course provides many exemptions from the actuary exams). They also have a great system for societies. I gained the role of Corporate Relations Officer at QM Consulting Society in my first year. I was able to network with professionals from a variety of industries and sit through amazing workshops hosted by individuals from McKinney & Company and many more. I’m now president of the society.”

Amna Qamar, BSc Mathematics with Actuarial Science

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