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School of Mathematical Sciences

Meet the Bloggers


When speaking to prospective students considering their university options, we often hear that one of the most valuable experiences in gaining a better understanding of a university is the opportunity to talk with current students who can give their first-hand perspective on the best and the more challenging aspects of university life.
Fortunately for those of you currently weighing up your future study options, many of today’s university students are using blogging as a way for their thoughts and experiences to reach a wider audience – allowing you to get a glimpse into student life from the comfort of your own home!

Queen Mary University of London has its own student blogging website(link is external) featuring students from a variety of courses and backgrounds sharing their experiences for the benefit of people wanting to discover what studying at QMUL is really like.

Representing the School of Mathematical Sciences we are pleased to welcome two of our new first-year students, Meghan and Abraham. Take a look below to find out a bit more about our bloggers and follow the links to their blogs to learn how they are navigating the excitements and challenges of their first year at university:

Meghan – First year, BSc Mathematics(link is external)

“Hi – I’m Meghan and I’ve been living in London for just over a year now but originally I’m from South Wales. When I’m not hunched over my desk attempting to grasp complex numbers and other mysterious mathematical concepts, I enjoy exercising, playing piano, going to gigs and reading.”

Abraham – First year, BSc Mathematics with Actuarial Science(link is external)

“Hi – I’m Abraham. I’m an ambitious student actuary who takes frequent naps and long hot showers. A musician enjoying calisthenics and always has his coffee in the morning daily who is often spotted in the gym doing ergs or in Alley Cat in Denmark Street enjoying a gig”



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