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School of Mathematical Sciences

Meet Gideon Berhane – Why Micro-internships are a good idea

Gideon Berhane is currently studying a Mathematics degree at the School of Mathematical Sciences and has recently completed a micro-internship at Marybow Property, an independent estate agency based in East London. Thanks to this opportunity, offered by the Careers Services department, Gideon was able to develop hands-on experience within a sector he really likes and he is hoping the new skills he has learned will allow him to land his dream job in the future.


Can you please share your micro-internship experience?

I have recently completed my micro-internship at Marybow Property which is an independent estate agency based in East London. Working as a Marketing Assistant, I primarily focussed on competitor analysis. I was required to identify like-for-like estate agencies and understand the landscape of the vicinity, then compile the different services and packages offered for landlord services by these competitors, with a focus on how these services were being packaged and marketed externally. Within my role, I found new ways to package Marybow services, allowing it to be competitive in both price and value.

Why did you decide to apply for this opportunity?

As much as working remotely, due to current restrictions, was not ideal, I thought getting hands-on experience at an organisation would allow me to get insight into a sector I’d like to work in post-graduation, as well as being able to further develop skills acquired from previous experiences whilst learning new ones from this opportunity.

How did you find the recruiting process?

The recruiting process was straightforward: I was informed about this opportunity by the School of Maths and I applied via the career’s hub, where I was asked to send my CV along with a cover letter. I was then invited to attend a Zoom interview and was asked why I would be a good fit for the role. As I had previously used the CV checker on the career’s services page, I used this tool again to personalise my CV for this particular role.

Would you recommend this opportunity to other students?

I would recommend this opportunity whether you know or are still unsure what role you aspire to work in, as it gives you an insight into a role you may have never thought about, as well as providing you with transferrable skills which will come in handy later on in your career.





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