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School of Mathematical Sciences

Maths Building shortlisted for BREEAM Awards 2021

The Maths Transformation Project has been shortlisted for the BREEAM Awards 2021 which recognise the people, projects and organisations that are leading the way with significant achievements in sustainable building design, development and management.


To be shortlisted out of all the certified projects worldwide is a real recognition of the fantastic work and commitment of all involved. The Maths Transformation Project comprised a 3,300 square metres internal fit-out and re-cladding of an existing 1960s concrete building together with the construction of 165 square metres new-build extensions to the east and west stair core landings and 160 square metres single-storey extension to north elevation. The development, which commenced in January 2018, provides accommodation for academic teaching staff, graduate and postgraduate students and Professional Services staff.

The Estates and Facilities-led project were successfully completed in August 2019, having achieved BREEAM Excellent ratings at both design and post-construction stages. The shortlisted projects are being reviewed by a panel of experts and the winners will be announced at the online Awards event on 23 March 2021. Free tickets for the online awards event are available, with the School of Mathematical Sciences category being on the 23 March session that runs between 1.20-3.30pm.

Vote for the Maths Building in the "Your BREEAM" category

The project is also up for consideration for the Your BREEAM award. Cast your vote by searching out the icon of the “School of Mathematical Sciences”. They do ask for your email address during the voting process but the resulting email you receive to confirm your vote clarifies that you are not automatically added to any mailing lists.


BREEAM is the world’s leading sustainability assessment method, covering the full range of sustainability issues for built environment projects. Its categories evaluate a projects energy and water use, health and wellbeing, pollution, transport, materials, waste, ecology and management processes with credits gained towards overall rating goals for demonstrating solutions that go above and beyond regulatory requirements.

Buildings are rated and third-party certified on a scale from 'Pass' upwards, with Maths Transformation Project targeting an ‘Excellent’ rating from an early stage in the scheme.  Achieving that BREEAM ‘Excellent’ rating represents performance equivalent to the top 10 per cent of all UK refurbishment or fit-out projects in terms of sustainability.

To achieve a particular BREEAM rating, the minimum overall percentage score must be achieved and a number of minimum standards must also be incorporated. The Mathematical Sciences building successfully achieved a certified ‘Excellent’ rating at both design stage and post-construction, with the final BREEAM score at post-construction of 75.7 per cent being well over the 70 per cent “Excellent” threshold.

This means the building has incorporated a very high level of environmental measures that will benefit users of the building including in terms of daylighting levels, glare control systems, thermal comfort, indoor air quality, good acoustics and security within the building. These measures will help create a better environment and working space for students and staff, as well as minimising the overall impact on the environment by improving the building's energy and material efficiency while reducing its carbon emissions and footprint.




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