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School of Mathematical Sciences

EPSRC visits the School of Mathematical Sciences

The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) recently visited the School of Mathematical Sciences to share knowledge on applying for research grants.  


On Tuesday 6 February we welcomed visitors from the EPSRC to discuss research strategies and priorities, to share thinking on future topics in Mathematical Sciences research and to network informally.  

A presentation from EPSRC’s Head of Theme, Sarah Harman, on the importance of supporting research in mathematical sciences as it underpins aspects of our lives, society and economy kicked off the day. This was followed by a poster session showcasing the work of our postgraduate research community and a networking lunch.  

The afternoon consisted of dedicated sessions for early career researchers on the different schemes available to them, followed by a round table discussion about grants and opportunities. The day concluded with an interactive session titled ‘Résumé for Research and Innovation’ which encouraged discussion around how research contributions can be framed when applying for UKRI funding.  

Following the event, School of Mathematical Sciences Research Manager, Isabella D'Adamo, said “I consider the EPSRC visit an excellent opportunity for academics and funder representatives to engage directly, fostering in-person communication for the exchange of updates and addressing queries firsthand. I am optimistic that this interaction will enhance our relationship with one of our primary funders". 

Many thanks to EPSRC for visiting, we hope you found the visit as useful as we did. 



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