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School of Mathematical Sciences

Day in the life of a Maths student

Ever wondered what a typical day is like for a university student?
MSci Mathematics student and President of the Maths Society, Anwar, shares a typical day with us. 

Anwar with his thumbs up

Morning Routine 

An important part of university life is balance, so I make sure my days are more than just going to lectures. After my morning refreshments, I make sure to have a hearty breakfast to fuel my jam-packed day. I like to allow extra time for delays by leaving at 8 am to ensure I arrive on time for my 9am lecture. After exchanging pleasantries with familiar faces, I unpack my bag and get ready for the lecture. The most important tools in my bag would be my notebook, my stationery and my water bottle – stay hydrated!

Archery Club

If I have a gap between lectures, I fill the time with society activities. Last year, I joined the Archery Club which allowed me to let off steam and relax whilst working on my technique and aim. The members are always super friendly and give me tips on how to improve. I’ve come to value these extra activities between lectures as they let my mind keep fresh and stop me from becoming lethargic and stop my days from being monotonous. After packing the equipment, I’d get lunch with everyone from the club. This could be my own packed lunch or any of the options on and around campus. This is a great opportunity to make friends and strengthen already existing bonds.


If I have no more lectures during the day, I spend the rest of my time in the library doing coursework and going through my notes. As a Maths student, it’s very important for me to practice or risk a lot of rust. I’ll usually do this till around 6 pm when my evening activities begin.

Board games and dinner 

Every Tuesday, I go to Board Games Society where I get to socialise with everyone there over a board game. BGS has so many options that no matter how I’m feeling, there’s always a game that can fit my mood. After a long day, I’d either have dinner with my friends or travel back home and have dinner with my family. Although not all my days are this busy, the busy days are by far my favourite. 



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