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School of Mathematical Sciences



Friday 21 February 2014

Mathematics Lecture Theatre

Dr Ginestra Bianconi

15.00 – 16.00

‘The Percolation Transition in complex and multilayer networks’

In network theory, percolation problems are central in order to reveal the robustness properties of a large variety of complex networks, ranging from the protein-protein interaction networks in the cell to critical infrastructures. The percolation transition in single complex networks is a second order continuous transition, strongly affected by the complex network structure. Recently, multilayer networks formed by networks of networks have attracted large interest. In these networks the percolation transition has novel and unexpected properties, for example it is discontinuous revealing an increased fragility of multilayer networks with respect to single networks.

In this talk we will review the state of the art on percolation problems in complex networks and we will present recent results on percolation transitions on multilayer networks.



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