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Reading for pleasure: help us create a new collection

A new leisure reading collection will be added to the Mile End Library and we need your help curate it. 

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Bike racks next to Mile End Library entrance
Bike racks next to Mile End Library entrance

Library Services is developing a new leisure collection. The collection will be made up of a selection of fiction and non-fiction titles curated by students to support reading for pleasure. It will be a print collection in the first instance, and located in the Mile End Library. We are partnering with QMSU to:

  1. Gather book recommendations
  2. Invite suggestions on a name and logo for the collection

Check out the QMSU Instagram account for updates, and submit your recommendations, name and logo suggestions via the online form. The students whose name and logo are selected will receive a £100 national book token. Nominations open up from 29 November for 3 weeks.

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