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UKRR December 2010 - May 2011 cycle

The Queen Mary submission to the December 2010 - May 2011 UKRR cycle was made up of two sets of journals, one from the Mile End Library, and a second, smaller set from Whitechapel Library.

  • 181 journal titles from the Mile End Library, plus 30 titles from the Whitechapel Library, were offered in this submission.
  • These currently occupy some 368m of shelf space.
  • Attached are lists of the journal holdings that were submitted.

Consultation with Queen Mary academic staff

Mile End Library journals

  • The consultation period for these titles ended on 17th September 2010.
  • Note that the journals in this list are all available electronically via JSTOR.
  • There were a small number of responses which focused on the method and procedures for disposal of the journals. Some general points were made about the requirements for good quality electronic versions, especially when mathematical symbols are reproduced.

Whitechapel Library journals

  • These journals resulted from a previous de-duplication exercise.

Requests to take personal ownership of journals

  • Queen Mary academics staff can submit requests to the Library to take personal ownership of any of these journals. Any requests must be received by the Library before Monday 11 April 2011.