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Hi there,

I’m glad that you come to this site to find out about the Lead Country Alumni Ambassador for Vietnam.

My name is Nhi Hong Truong and I spent 4 years at Queen Mary University of London (QMUL). I graduated in 2015 with a first-class honours degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry.

To me, QMUL was the greatest memory during my 6 years of study in the UK. I made a decision to study at QMUL after my A-levels simply because this university was the only one on the list of 5 I’d chosen that was based in London and offered MSci degree rather than a MPharm. I was offered Science and Engineering Excellence scholarship. On the date of my interview with the School of Biological and Chemical Sciences, I was amazed by the size of QMUL campus and the big modern library.

I didn’t have a chance to stay in the accommodation on QMUL campus until the last semester of my final year. By the way, I think staying outside or on campus both have good points. QMUL campus is not too far from Zone 1 which is easy to travel to. QMUL hall that I stayed in was called Pooley House which was nicely built and had lovely surroundings.

During my time at QMUL, I found out that all centres/offices within QMUL provide great services to the students. When preparing documents to renew my student visa, the Advice and Couselling Centre staff were really helpful and made me feel less worried. I secured a part time job as a Teaching Assistant at the sixth form college in London thanks to the Careers and Enterprise Centre. Student Union always hosted academic or social events which were enjoyable and fun.
Although in my course I was the only Vietnamese student, I never felt isolated. People here were friendly, from my supervisors, professors, classmates to lab assistants, PhD students. I had full support whenever I needed. The facilities in most buildings were good as well.

Apart from academic schedule, I also joined the Vietnamese Society at QMUL. This group was fantastic! We connected students from Vietnam and other nationalities here at QMUL. I was on the comittee board, we have organised many events and activities for Vietnamese students throughout the year both within QMUL and wider, expanding it to other universities in London and across the UK.

If you are considering QMUL, trust me... you will experience so many good things here. Please feel free to drop me an email at if you have any enquiries about student life/social life/accommodation or just about anything here at QMUL or in London.