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Environmental Futures (Climate Change as Socio-cultural Phenomenon)

Drawing on Natasha Myers’ call to learn "to conspire with the plants" to produce a more just future, this two-year programme of activities wishes to create a platform for scholars, activists, and cultural practitioners working with plants. The aim is to expand conversations about the future - how we imagine and make it - to become more attentive to the roles of nonhuman beings and plants more specifically.

Together, we want to think about how we build worlds with plants in private and public spaces, in real and virtual settings, how we nurture relationships with plants and how these might feel like. The programme will appeal to anyone curious about plants and especially those who have already welcomed plants into their life.

The programme is curated by Dr Giulia Carabelli whose current research project “Care for Plants” investigates how humans and houseplants make home during and after the Covid-19 pandemic. You can check her works-in-progress on Instagram at @CareforPlants and @CabinetCultures. You can also learn more about her work by reading this interview or watching this animated video developed with JustWondering and Dr Gavin MacLean with the support of The Sociological Review Foundation as part of the Environmental Futures research programme.

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Environmental Futures events

Join the conversation about plants with researchers, artists, activists and community organisers!
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