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Institute of Banking and Finance Law

London Financial Regulation Seminar - CBDCs and Crypto-Assets: A Japanese Perspective

When: Monday, July 3, 2023, 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Where: Online


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The London Financial Regulation Seminar is an inter-collegiate and inter-disciplinary group of experts led by CCLS and our Institute of Banking and Finance under the leadership of Professor Rosa M. Lastra and Dr. Daniele D’Alvia.

Professor Takashi Kubota from Waseda University of Tokyo (Japan) discussed his forthcoming monograph on the legal aspects of money, with an emphasis on CBDC and Crypto-assets in Japan. Professor Lastra chaired the event and Professor Sir William Blair was the discussant.

Professor Takashi Kubota is a visiting professor at CCLS – Queen Mary University of London under the supervision of Professor Lastra. He has worked for the Bank of Japan (1990 – 1998) as a legal expert and economist. He has lectured as an associate professor at Nagoya University (1998 – 2004) and is currently a full-time professor at Waseda University. He has authored several research papers and books on the issue of payment systems and theorisation of money.

Professor Kubota provided a broader legal analysis of money from a Japanese perspective. Specifically, he focused on constitutional questions that the current financial Japanese system poses in relation to the implementation of CBDC. This allowed Prof. Kubota to further explain the differences between the economic and legal theories on money so that the pitfalls of national Web 3.0 promotion can be exposed. This seminar provided attendees with a thorough critical analysis of the current payment system in Japan, and further illustrated the technical pitfalls of digital currencies including CBDC.

Professor Kubota concluded with an overview of the implication of monetary theories other than law for legal studies, discussing the legal issues concerning CBDC and private law in Japan.

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