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School of History


21 May 2014

Time: 9:30am - 6:00pm
Venue: Arts One Lecture Theatre, QMUL

This one-day AHRC international symposium explores what it might mean to offer a transnational perspective on the ‘turn to affect’, focusing on interdisciplinary feminist, postcolonial, queer and other critical perspectives.  The event brings together a range of scholarly fields and geo-political sites to examine how affects, emotions and feelings are produced through transnational relations of power and, in turn, how transnational politics work via the circulation of affect.  Paying particular attention to shifting gendered, racialised, sexualised and classed dynamics, speakers will address the complex ways in which affects are generated within, circulated through, and productive of transnational processes of empire, colonialism, slavery, diaspora, migration, globalisation, neoliberalism, biopolitics, development, global media, international security, and other phenomena.  

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