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Familial Isolated Pituitary Adenoma (FIPA)


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BBC News - Acromegaly: 'Giant Gene' bond forged between US and Mid Ulster - 8 June 2022

Guardian - How an Irish giant and an 18th-century surgeon could help people with growth disorders - 11 January 2011 

New York Times - In a Giants Story, a New Chapter Writ by His DNA - 5 January 2011 


Irish Radio, Interview with Geneticist Mark Thomas

RTE Radio 1 - Liveline - Charles Byrne Skeleton - 16 February 2018

BBC Radio 4 - "Bone Stories" - "Irish Giant " - 15 August 2017

Interview with Brendan Holland and Thomas Munzier regarding the skeleton of Charles Byrne, Talkback BBC Radio Ulster - 23 August 2013

A Tall Story - BBC Radio 4 - 28 February 2011

BBC World Service - Science in Action (11 minutes) - 6 January 2011

BBC Science in Action - Vivienne Parry


BBC Newsline (@bbcnewsline) - 8 June 2022
Research during lockdown has led an American woman to make a surprising discovery about her family history. She is the first American to be identified as a carrier of a rare gene, that originates in Mid Ulster, and can cause people to grow remarkably tall. 

BBC "The One Show" - "Why is mid Ulster identified as a 'giant hotspot'?" (5 minutes) - 11 August 2017

Interview with Prof Marta Korbonits at the Endocrinology, Debate and Global Exchange meeting Rome 2016

Medscape video "Research Goal: 'No More Giants" - 24 April 2015

BBC Report - Scientists testing for Northern Ireland giant gene - 8 February 2013

BBC documentary: Charles Byrne the Irish Giant (50min) - 2011

A Tall Story - Unravelling The Genetics Behind Charles Byrne, Public lecture at the Royal College of Surgeons - 23 November 2011

NBC Video [7,846KB]

TV3 Ireland AM Interview (11 minutes) [13,893KB]

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