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Familial Isolated Pituitary Adenoma (FIPA)


If you would like to support our charity to help research related to Familial Isolated Pituitary Adenoma (FIPA) please click HERE.

Barts and The London Charity is an independent charity funding innovative healthcare and medical research at Barts and The London NHS Trust. Our clinicians rely on the generous support of philanthropic individuals and corporate supporters. Familial Isolated Pituaitary Adenoma (FIPA) is a rare disease most commonly effecting children and young patients. Research can help to identify the causes of the disease and the development of novel therapies.

We hope that you will become part of the effort to raise funds for research into FIPA. There are many ways in which you can help, either as an individual or organisation on behalf of the FIPA research fund:

In order to maximise your fundraising efforts tell all your friends and family, staff, colleagues and contacts what you have planned. Use email, texts, local press, the intranet and social networking sites to spread the word.

We would love to know what you're doing – and why you're doing it – not only to advise you on how to fundraise safely and legally, but also so that Barts and The London Charity can include your story on our website and in our newsletter. Please contact the fundraising team on 020 7618 1720 for further information.

Barts and The London Medical School, Registered Charity No XN 80515 BTLC Registered Charity No. 212563

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