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School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science

John Xavier Riley

John Xavier

PhD Student



Project Title:

Digging Deeper - expanding the "Dig That Lick" corpus with new sources and techniques


The main focus of this work would be to investigate new source separation models focusing specifically on sound sources common to the jazz idiom. It is hoped that these newer separation techniques could yield more usable results on jazz recordings than has been previously achieved. In turn, newly separated sources derived from this model may offer a better substrate on which to perform automated melody extraction (AME) and other analyses. Despite the recent advances in estimating a dominant melody using salience based approaches, the hypothesis is that a multi-stage pipeline consisting of source separation combined with more robust pitch tracking such as pYin would yield better results, as evaluated when using theframework defined as part of the DTL project.

C4DM theme affiliation:

Music Informatics, Machine Listening


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