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School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science

Jordie Shier




Project title: Real-time timbral mapping for synthesized percussive performance 

Industry Partner: Ableton 

C4DM theme affiliation: Augmented Instruments, Communication Acoustics 

Abstract: The goal of this project is to create an expressive musical interface for musicians to control a synthesizer in real-time using audio from percussion instruments. The main research question is: how can audio from acoustic percussion be mapped to parameters of drum synthesizers in real-time to either mimic or augment the timbral qualities of the instrument, with no loss in musical expressivity? The scope of this research is the application of machine learning techniques to augment and support real-time music performance. The results of this work will enable musicians to create synthesized drum performances and to augment acoustic performances without having to acquire expert technical knowledge or learn a new instrument. It will also allow musicians to more immediately express their creative ideas and to explore new sonic possibilities with their instruments. More broadly, this work will contribute to the body of research focused on AI integration with real-time interactive systems and creativity support tools.


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