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School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science

Ms Bing Han


Lecturer in Information Technology Management

Telephone: +44 20 7882 5334
Room Number: Engineering, Eng E307
Office Hours: Friday 11:00-13:00


Enterprise Management (BUPT joint programme)

Introduction of fundamental business and management concepts, theories, and analytical tools to engineering students. Development and application of these concepts, theories and tools in a global engineering/technology context.

Logistics and Supply Chain Management (BUPT joint programme)

The syllabus includes definition and functions of supply chain management, supply chain flow, logistics, impact of e┬┐commerce etc. 1 Introduction to Logistics and Supply Chain Management; 2 Supply Chain Organisation; 3 Process Thinking: SCM's Foundation; 4 Technologies in Logistics and Supply Chain 5 Customer Fulfilment; 6 Order Fulfilment Process: the Physical flow; 7 Global Supply Chain Design; 8 Supply Chain Mapping; 9 Supply Chain Cost Management; 10 Core Competencies and Outsourcing 11 Relationship Management; 12 Service Supply Chain; 13 Performance Measurement; 14 People Management in SCM; 15 Collaborative Innovation; 16 Sustainable Supply Chain Management; 17 Law and Ethics in Supply Chain Management; 18 Global Supply Chain Network

Product Development (Undergraduate)

The module builds upon all areas of business and their related theories that are introduced by ELE402 Enterprise Management. These include the roles of personnel, marketing, sales and production. The roles of these departments will be further developed in terms of the introduction of a new product and the impact of the business on the development of that product and vice-versa, i.e. the implication of success and failure, risk assessment etc.


Research Interests:

Supply Chain Management, ethical Supply Chain, eMarketing, digital economy, Innovation Management, New Product Development
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