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School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science

Postgraduate alumni profiles

Meet a selection of our postgraduate alumni and discover how they have excelled in their respective careers after graduating from the School Electronic Engineering and Computer Science.

Alumni profile - Alex Leung (Computer Vision PhD, 2008)
14 April 2022

I focus on investments and advisory in AI including technical due diligence and helping clients build real-world AI applications. I also build machine learning applications for Alpha Intelligence Capital and teach data science courses at the University of Hong Kong.

(Computer Vision PhD, 2008)

Headshot of alumna Maryanne Maira Alumni profile - Maryanne Maira (Computer Science MSc, 2020)
3 December 2021

Working full-time and studying part-time was very stressful to say the least, and I found that my lecturers cared about my situation and would offer great support when needed. This made my experience overall at Queen Mary amazing.

(Computer Science MSc, 2020)

Headshot of alumna Elena Pedrini Elena Pedrini (Big Data Science MSc, 2019)
1 September 2021

My academic path has been heavily focused on statistics, data analytics and machine learning as well as programming, and what I do in my job is basically all of this. I feel very lucky that I have found job opportunities in the field that I’m passionate about. 

Headshot of alumnus Juan Carlos Fernández Gomez Juan Carlos Fernández Gómez (Internet of Things MSc, 2019)
1 September 2021

I used my time at Queen Mary to build the technology that I’m currently trying to deploy within my company, SmartMaze. This company focuses on software development and the implementation of IoT solutions to improve the performance of public transportation in developing cities.

Headshot of alumnus Konstantinos Bozas Konstantinos Bozas (Electronic Engineering PhD, 2014)
1 September 2021

Queen Mary gave me extensive teaching experience and teaching complex, technical ideas is a big part of my job at Amazon when communicating my findings and algorithms. 

Headshot of alumnus Dr Mir Yasir Umair Dr Mir Yasir Umair (Telecommunication and Wireless Systems MSc, 2009)
1 September 2021

Internet Infrastructure and Wireless Networks were my favourite modules. Both offered new avenues of study that I had never come across before and I was lucky enough to be taught by some lecturers who were actively involved in the Telecom Industry.

Headshot of Dena Al Thani Dr. Dena Al Thani (Software Engineering MSc, 2009; PhD, 2016)
1 September 2021

Designing technology to change people's lives is fascinating. The pleasure of doing applied research is that you can see the impact of your work quite fast. I am currently leading a number of research projects in the field of assistive technology and accessibility. 

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